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My Reservation is the place where you can access your important travel related information. To get up-to-date flight information or to get a copy of your itinerary, please complete the above form.

Reservation Code – Please type your Reservation Code in the field provided. The Reservation Code is the 6 character code that you receive when you complete your booking request through the website. You should receive this Reservation Code either as an email confirmation (when you complete your reservation) or as a printed copy of the notification Screen. If you do not have your Reservation Code, you either provided us the wrong email address or you do not have a booking with us. To know if you have a Reservation Code or not, please visit the Customer Support page and choose the “No Confirmation Email Received” option from the drop down menu.

Email Address - Please type your email address into the Email Address field provided. In order to pull up your reservation information, you need to type in the same email address that you used while completing the booking procedure through the website. This email address is an important form of communication between you and the travel support center. If your email address does not work or if you typed in the wrong email address, please visit the Customer Support page and choose the "Wrong Email Address" option from the drop down menu. You can then provide us with your correct email address and we will update your information and send you an email confirmation with an update of your information.

Visas and passport requirements - Each country has its own Visa and Passport requirements. It is up to each individual to determine the Visa and Passport requirements for the country they will be visiting. For questions related to your Visa and Passport requirements, please contact Visa Passport Express at (888) 596-6028 or visit the Visa Passport Express site.

Flight Confirmation – Although the My Reservation page has been created to provide you up-to-date flight information, sometimes the airlines do not update their last minute schedule changes with the Airline Reservation Systems. We suggest that you should contact the airlines 24 hours prior to departure to re-confirm your flight information. For a list of airline phone numbers, please visit the Airline Contact page.

Check-in – We recommend arriving at the airport 2.5 hours prior to departure for international flights and 1.5 hours prior to departure for domestic flights. Additional tips and information on airport security and check in procedures can be checked by accessing the Transportation Security Administration Web site.

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